About our Menu and DALI’S Modernistic Tapas

If you haven’t tried Tapas yet then you have missed out on one of life’s gastronomic pleasures.  Fresh ingredients and robust flavors are the signature of Tapas. Add to it the creative and sophisticated food-art of Dali’s Chef Werner and you have truly a culinary heaven on a small plate!  Originating from Spain, Tapas started as a simple slice of bread to cover your drink (“tapa” literally means lid). But looking at today’s Dali’s Modernistic Tapas menu, you will see the evolution these original small bites have taken, for a number of reasons:
* Tapas are informal and a social way of sharing a variety of different tastes in a convivial ambiance
* Instead of choosing one main dish, you can easily try 3, 4 or even more little dishes and discover new flavors and favorites
* Dali uses extra virgin olive oil for healthy cooking, and imports from Spain authentic ingredients such as the Serrano ham, the Iberico Hams, Spanish Rice, Pimenton (Artisan Spanish smoked paprika) and Idiazabal & Manchego cheese, to bring to you the true Spanish cuisine experience.

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